Monday, January 22, 2007

Help Geely Out - Design Them A New Logo!

It seems Chinese car maker Geely has a paranoia complex about its perfectly fine logo, like the girlfriend that constantly asks ‘Do I look good in this?’ Geely Autos is holding a competition for designers all over the world to help it design a new logo, the criteria for the new logo is that should symbolically representative, artistic, as well as being practical and being able to embody the corporate concept and spirit of Geely Holding group. However, we at China Car Times believe that Geely should forget the logo, leave it as it is we say, instead they should work on their new slogan for 2007, which is ‘Beyond_the value‘ yes, that is an under_score. Oh, Geely is throwing down a 3.6 million RMB cash prize (thats about $461,000USD) for the winning logo.

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